Easy Gourmet Dishes with Brian Binns. Brian Binns

Easy Gourmet Dishes with Brian Binns. Brian Binns
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Автор: Brian Binns

Аннотация: Brian Binns won the Sunday Times competition for the Best Amateur Cook in Great Britain in 1975, and obviously in the opinion of his judgers who included Caroline Conran , a food writer, chef Michel Bourdin , and Michael Smith , a food historian, deservedly so. At the time he was a senior executive with a large national bakery group. Since then Brian has travelled throughout Europe, Russia and India, imparting his knowledge and simultaneously gaining experience of international cuisine. In the year 2000, he “retired “to live in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, where he writes for the local media and carries out consultancy work. He is a man with a great eye for detail. His recipes which he has devoted many hours to perfecting are characterised by useful Technical Tips and Personal Ploys, gems which few cooks are prepared to part with, jealously guarding their secrets – but not so with Brian who willingly shares his wealth of experience with devotees of his favourite past time. The recipes in this book are some of his favourites and the result of his love and passion for food and enjoyable eating.
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