Chronicles of star margins

Отображение: Список / Сетка
The Warriors Of Shambhala. Sergii Sheludchenko

Автор: Sergii Sheludchenko

Аннотация: G2V – A star of main consequence also called by space navigators “Yellow Dwarf”. The centre of the system consists of 13 planets placed on the spheres borders. It only gets mentioned in navigational charts or in space spying reports . This is the only inhabited planet and it is of no interest to military or industrial companies. The planet situated on the galaxy boundaries becomes a base for biological research. Viruses created in secret laboratories are being tested on the planet’s inhabitants of different races living in the Far Cosmos. The main characters by accident find themselves in an alien base hidden away in the Himalayas – Shambala. The scientists identify a new deathly virus which can threaten Inhabited Spheres. The representatives of the Earth civilization turn out to be in the centre of events connected not only with biotechnologies but also with the intrigues the ultimate aim of which is to take control over the planet system. Challenging and dangerous travelling, space fights, pirate ships and the Exot fleet are all those things which our characters are to face. The crew of the frigate “Spirit” leaves Earth and goes ahead to see the unknown.
Литературное произведение заинтересует читателей группы «Фантастика». Литературное произведение можно получить в нашем каталоге Онлайн магазина . Так же есть функция листать непосредственно на ресурсе заданный отрывок литературного издания.

Издательство: Стрельбицький Дмитрий Майєвич

Год выпуска:


Возрастное ограничение: 16+

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